you just go on your nerve


Stats: Isabel. 21. Temporary college dropout. Permanent Harvard dropout. New York City. Puerto Rican, not bilingual. Atheist. Liberal. ADD.

Likes: Stories. Advice columns. Knitting. New York City. Doodling. Public transportation. Street fairs. Zines. Pop culture. Cabinets of curiosities. The internet. Classical music. Young adult fiction. Andy Samberg. Avocados. Laughter. Children. Certain kinds of tears. Ancient Greece. Theater. Tattoos. People. Thrift stores. Poetry. Love of all kinds. Coffee. Profanity. Warm weather. Bright colors. Fishnets. Piercings. Social justice. Doc Martens. Feminism. Unclassical music. Comic books. Great acting.

Dislikes: Snobbery. Racism. Cold weather. Pop culture. Sexism. Boring movies. Subway delays. Transphobia. Mold. Indian food. Fat jokes. Injustice. Reduced fat cream cheese. Size discrimination. Sunburns. Gin. Ablism. Slush. Homophobia. Meanness. People who dislike more things than they like.

Believes: In accepting that stability is illusion. That the inherent meaningless of life can become a comfort. That, to quote Frank O’Hara, one need never leave the confines of New York to get all the greenery one wishes. It’s worth making the effort to reduce how much one judges people. In not judging the consensual sexual activity of other adults. That, to quote Albert Einstein, only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. In questioning accepted wisdom. That capitalism may be necessary but is also depressing. That, to quote E. E. Cummings, kisses are a better fate than wisdom. That romantic love isn’t more important than any other kind of love. In safer sex. That people who think kids are little angels are delusional. That there is no right reason or way to enjoy art. That, to quote Harold Hubert, children need love, especially when they do not deserve it. In a thing called love.


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    chronicles of a life unforetold

    this is an archive of the posts at my tumblr i think are worth keeping - a greatest hits, if you will, currently going slowly through the backlog and eventually hitting simultaneous-ish updates. the tumblr is like emails from me to the internet, if the internet were my best friend; this is basically also that, but with fewer gratuitous pictures of pretty boys, stupid youtube videos, and babbling about obsessions, and more capital letters.
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